Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tornado Over?

Well I guess the hurricanes over yay..........just wanted to say that

Posted by Skillet 9/25/05 11:09a.m.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dang Tornado News:9/24/05

Darn Tornados hate em.....if only one of the Winx Club Dudes were here they'd use a spell to stop it :P

Posted by Skillet 9/24/05 8:05p.m.


Lots of Rain here........but anyway on to the news today on 4Kids I saw a commercial for a new Winx Club character Layla she will make her Debut in the new season of The Winx thats pretty cool.......

Posted By Skillet 9/24/05 at 5:56p.m

Hello People

Hello this is the Winx Blog @ I will talk about none other than the Winx Club.So this blog is under construction at the time.So keep checking back for updates........

Posted by Skillet 9/24/05 @ 5:38p.m